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Tax Compliance Services

Where you are a newcomer to Luxembourg or you have been working for a long time, most probably you do not have specisliased tax managers. We provide specialised services to support companies in Luxembourg

It’s always essential to comply with tax laws. Since there have been changes in those laws every now and then, it becomes a task for businesses to maintain the same pace. The number of tax disputes are also rising day by day due to misinterpretation of tax laws.

Our expert team offers the best tax compliance services in Luxembourg, which will save you from all hassles. The tax experts in our team keep giving advice and support, so that you don’t have to face issues at any stage.

We are well aware of all tax laws and give deep insights from time to time. With tax consolidation services in Luxembourg, a lot of value would surely be added to your business.


Do you want to reduce tax risks in Luxembourg?

Consorata can help with many tax issues companies and individuals face in Luxembourg

Tax strategy design and implementation

Tax returns preparation, review and filing (VAT, corporate income tax, municipal business tax, net wealth tax, withholding tax, subscription tax, tax credit)

Review of tax calculation for the annual accounts before approval

Review of tax statements received from tax authorities

Appeals in case of discrepancies between tax returns and tax statements

Payroll calculation and labour support in Luxembourg

Registration and liaison with tax authorities

Providing local specialized consulting including tax treatment of new technologies (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, utility tokens etc).

Individuals tax consulting and personal income tax return preparation

Financial aid for research and development

Assessment of existing participation in subsidiaries and associates for the purposes of income tax calculation and dividends distribution

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