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Financial consolidation

Consolidated financial statements is a must for larger or smaller group. And only 2 companies when  one is a subsidiary of another one is already a group. We provide financial consolidation services whether you want to outsource a part of larger group or the entire group so you just concentrate on managing your business. No need anymore to hire head office teams!


Do you want to outsource financial consolidation and reduce efforts on preparation?

Consorata might help you with the preparation by integrating into existing processes or working separately by supporting your team.

  1. Monthly, quarterly, yearly
  2. Financial consolidation, Cash flow, Management accounts etc.
  3. Intercompany reconciliations
  4. In xls, consolidation software, locally, on your server or in the cloud
  5. Methodological support to create or transform consolidation processes

Annual or periodical consolidated accounts preparation under IFRS, Lux GAAP, US GAAP or other accounting standards and liaison with auditors

Cost controlling and reporting tailored to your needs

Systems implementation in order to reduce time and improve quality of financial statements preparation