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We have two main directions: accounting (including tax and financial consolidation) and consulting. They are closely interrelated, as sometimes it could be more advantageous for a client to hire consultants than get a service. For us, from the other side it allows us to effectively use resources between services and consulting part depending on clients’ requirements depending on qualification of our employees.

We have experienced team trained in best firms in Luxembourg and elsewhere who are more than happy to assist you with the problems you face. For continuous services (accounting and financial consolidation and tax returns preparation) we have a 24 business hours response policy – either with a solution or with a proposed timing for the solution with additional request if it is required to clarify a client’s demand. On top of that, we maintain and adhere to schedule by clients’ companies which we are responsible for – either for accounting or for financial consolidation or for tax returns. Practically speaking, we will kindly remind you about your deadlines and necessity to approve the documents due to be filed.

Our specialists and consultants have substantial professional and educational backgrounds which gives you a significant advantage: we are aimed at maximizing the value of your business.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

Our focus on Luxembourg enables us to provide customised services and actionable recommendations that draw.

You do not need to hire local team when working with us on accounting, tax and consolidation. Our experienced consultants help you when needed so you would not need to hire full-time employees.

Sergey Gorchakov

Managing Partner