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Our people are our greatest assets

Our people make us different — energetic about supporting and challenging our clients in equal measure. We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results, true to each client’s specific situation. We’ll always do the right thing by our clients, our people and our communities.

Personal values

Our values are taken into consideration every day and in all our decisions, making Consorata a truly human company!

We look for competent, positive people who share our values:



To meet the personal and professional challenges we offer you.

For access to training programs that expand your knowledge and skills, and keep you on the leading edge.

To enjoy professional support with a human focus.

For the opportunity to be part of the growth of a rapidly-expanding company.

To benefit from equal and competitive salary packages.

For the chance to work with a motivating, dynamic and experienced team that will make you feel welcome.

Open Positions

Benefits and rewards

Employees respond to appreciation at work, especially when it’s expressed through recognition of their efforts because it confirms their work is valued. A simple thank you goes a long way and will not only make your employees feel good, but will actually benefit your business in the process. Here’s how:

It’s well-known that engaged staff are significantly more productive, working efficiently and proactively in order to do a good job. If efforts are likely to be praised and rewarded, then it makes sense that a member of staff will work harder to receive such employee recognition.

Recognising an employee’s efforts demonstrates that the job they’re doing is valuable to the business. It sends the message that their hard work is worth rewarding and therefore must be important. This, in turn, makes the individual feel that they are making a difference.

We also provide continuing professional development (CPD) when it is required by of the professional qualifications our employees hold or in case they would like to develop their skills. Another alternative supported by the company – learning new languages which could be using in work (for example, French in Luxembourg).